Trade your Laser Machines

Trade-In your used Cosmetic Laser equipment’s for a new Vertex Lasers machine

Are you interested in purchasing a new cosmetic laser machine?

At Vertex Lasers, we have a vast inventory of laser machines. We offer high quality, competitive pricing, technical support and professional customer service. We accept most brands and models of used laser machines and handpiece.

Based on the machine condition we trade it in for a Vertex Lasers at a fair market price. With us, you will receive the best value when you trade your old laser machine.
We have involved in our team laser technology specialists trained to advise you on the best options for your next laser machine investment.

Contact us to arrange a meeting at our establishment and visit our showroom with all of our laser machines on display. You will also have the opportunity to test our machines performance.

Fill out the form below and one of our sales representatives will contact you as soon as we can. Talk to us: 332-201-4999