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Vertex Lasers Machines

Do I need to pay up front?

Not necessarily, at Vertex Lasers we also offer financial low-down payment options.

Does Vertex Lasers also sell used laser machines?

At the time we only sell new machines. After we have professionally serviced and maintained any used laser machines, we will sell them at a discounted price.

Can I have a demonstration of the lasers machines?

We would be pleased to organize a demonstration of our laser machines.
To help you find the right laser for you, first we will ask you for some information on your inquiry application, the machines you plan to work with, the volume and frequency of your production.

Does every machine come with Laser Eye Protection Safety Glasses?

Yes, we do not risk our customers. Every machine comes with protective eye wears. We ensure that our customers have the safety accessories to go along with their purchase.


What support do I get with my Vertex Lasers Machines?

Support options are included in your purchase. This means that Vertex Lasers customer support specialists will be available to answer your questions.
Vertex Lasers Group provides Free and Professional training at our training center and we also deliver training materials which include: user manual of the operation process and precautions regarding safety.

We are glad to support you concerning technical questions and advise you on our services. Reach out today!  718-269-9117