Skin Air Cooling Machine for Laser Treatment

Vertex Lasers skin air cooling machine for laser treatments work with a diode 808 laser hair removal machine, fractional C02 laser resurfacing, ND-YAG laser, and IPL.
This machine generates cold wind to the skin surface during the laser procedure to protect superficial skin from burns.
It adopts advanced refrigeration technology to produce cool wind. This equipment cools the epidermis and releases pain from patients.

Skin Air Cooling Machine

How does the Skin Air Cooling Machine work?
The device uses an air compressor takes atmospheric air in, then compress it, at last force it into handpiece and finally works at the skin surface. The temperature of the cold wind can be adjusted from -20°C to 0°C.

• Provides continuous epidermis cooling protection throughout the treatment.
• Works with all kinds of laser machines.
• Three modes can be changed to protect the machine.
• Temperature is adjustable -20°C (min) to 0°C