Laser Hair Removal 808 Diode


Our V-Frost laser hair removal machine is one of our top lasers machines and it’s designed to produce pain-free treatments to achieve the best results.
The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. Hairs which until now have been difficult to be removed can now be treated. The technology we use is neodynium YAG laser [SR1] (Nd:YAG).

This is the newest form of laser hair removal.  A carbon lotion is applied to the skin to penetrate the hair follicles that will be treated; the follicles absorbs the neodynium YAG laser wavelengths. It can be used for effective laser hair removal and large body areas can be rapidly treated with this type of laser.

V-Frost Advantages:

◊High-density non-ablative diode laser
◊Laser panel height is adjustable by articulated arm
◊Deep penetration by the LLL (low-level laser) for hair restoration treatment
◊Microcurrent probe (handheld) and comb for hair regrowth therapy
◊Applicable for all skin type and hair type, comfortable and painless for clients
◊No downtime