Cosmetic Laser Machine Repair

Cosmetic Laser Machine Repair

cosmetic laser machine repairAt Vertex Lasers, we provide maintenance and machine repair services for all cosmetic laser equipments and handpieces for our own brand machines and other brands on the market.
We specialize in repairing and supplying parts for Diode Laser & IPL devices in the cosmetic industry.

Although our laser machines are supplied with 1-year warranty cover, we offer technical assistance beyond the normal warranty period. Vertex Lasers provides cosmetic laser machine repair and maintenance for our own machines and for the other bands in the market if required.

If your machine is not functioning properly and you’re losing customers call us immediately! We assist small, medium and large laser businesses getting their machines repaired at an affordable price. Your business will always be on time with low cost & no downtime.

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We offer high-grade and exceptional maintenance and machine repairs services. We ensure the efficiency and longevity of cosmetic laser machines for medical or laser spa owners. Cosmetic laser machines frequently decompose and the replacement of parts can be overpriced and sometimes becomes an extremely time-consuming process. Our trained technicians.

Vertex Lasers staff includes the most experienced and professionals laser engineers for cosmetic laser repairs working with us. Our focus is to offer quality on our maintenance and repairs at a very reasonable rate.
Besides manufacturing laser machines for a wide range of skin treatments, we provide regular maintenance and last-minute emergency repair services for different brands of laser machines.